Ivan Alexander Golden: THX News’ ultimate goal is to deliver a free website that offers personalized, multilingual information across three distinct industries.

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At THX News provides a global, free, and unbiased news service. besides delivering breaking news within two hours of an official press release but also merging it with travel articles and educational content and leveraging AI/ML/Deep Learning technologies. Here’s how they do it:

Can you provide more information about THX News’ mission and purpose?

THX News, founded in June 2020, initially aimed to provide a global, free, and unbiased news service.

During our Research and Development phase, we identified an opportunity to merge breaking news, published within two hours of an official press release, with travel articles.

Through extensive testing and the integration of AI/ML/Deep Learning technologies, we expanded our vision to include educational content.

In September 2022, THX News successfully launched a next-generation website, leveraging cutting-edge technology akin to what powers platforms like Netflix.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver a free website that offers personalized, multilingual information across three distinct industries.

While we are in constant development, our commitment to quality and global accessibility remains unwavering.

What categories of news and content does THX News cover?

THX News is progressively expanding its coverage and subject matter on a daily basis.

Currently focusing on a global roadmap, we aim to cover a diverse range of topics, from sports and business to obituaries and celebrity gossip.

Our coverage spans continents, with resent emphasis on Southeast Asia and the United States.

As we continue to evolve, we plan to cover Europe country by country, having initiated testing in the UK. The inclusivity of our news content is central to our mission.

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How does THX News differentiate itself from other global news platforms?

Our differentiator lies in our extensive coverage and unwavering commitment to factual reporting.

THX News diligently fact-checks information, consulting authoritative sources such as the UN and government departments to ensure accuracy.

Quality articles are a hallmark of our service, setting us apart even in our early stages. As we evolve, continuous improvement remains a key focus.

Does THX News have a specific target audience or demographic?

THX News does not limit its focus to a specific demographic. Our objective is to inform a global audience, adapting our content based on user preferences.

While we aim to engage our current followers, we actively introduce diverse topics to cater to evolving interests, ensuring a broad and inclusive news content.

Are there any notable partnerships or collaborations that THX News has entered into?

THX News has valuable partnerships with two accomplished Score mentors, contributing significant expertise to our venture.

Additionally, our technical advisor, my younger brother, brings over 30 years of IT experience to the team. These collaborations enhance the depth and success of THX News.

How frequently does THX News update its content?

THX News updates its content 24/7, with global teams consistently working on articles and breaking news stories.

While our current focus includes countries like the USA, Canada, Mexico, and several Asian and African nations, we remain open to covering compelling stories from any part of the world.

Does THX News have any plans for expansion into additional regions or languages?

Yes, our expansion plans include covering the entire world with a strategic roadmap that allocates at least six months for each continent, aiming for completion by the end of 2025.

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Translation testing for eight languages has been conducted, with multilingual coverage being a priority feature upon the launch of our new website.

Satellite offices on each continent are also in the pipeline to ensure a continuous global presence.

What is the process for submitting news or article ideas to THX News?

Currently, individuals can submit news or article ideas through email or our website’s Contact Us page.

We also welcome unpaid volunteers who can contribute based on their availability.

Our ongoing initiative involves seeking funding from the Knight Foundation to train US veterans in reporting and editing skills, further enriching our team.

How does THX News ensure the accuracy and credibility of its news content?

THX News maintains a rigorous standard by only publishing articles based on official press releases. We cross-verify facts and align content with the press release.

In cases where official information is unavailable for major breaking news, we refrain from publishing until reliable sources can be confirmed, ensuring our articles are factual and comprehensive.

Can you provide examples of any exclusive or investigative journalism pieces published by THX News?

While THX News is in its early stages, we have embarked on significant investigative reporting.

In a recent breaking news article, we covered the Philippines President’s announcement regarding funding for state-of-the-art x-ray machines in a Manila hospital.

In a comprehensive exploration, we also delved into the current state of private and public hospitals in Davao City.

Our investigation uncovered numerous shortcomings in these healthcare facilities, revealing challenges that demand attention.

While we refrained from providing exhaustive details at this juncture in our evolution, our commitment is to collaborate with governments to ensure transparency and accountability, urging them to furnish reliable information for the benefit of the public.

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