Sebastian Kirsch: How SNYKZ’s Tik-Tok-styled Trading Is Getting Gen.Z Investing


Thanks for talking to us. Would we be able to start by going through who SNYKZ are, and what your mission is? 

SNYKZ is a first mover for a social trading app that will change everything. Trading will never be the same again. We help Gen. Z & Millennials become better investors. 

Every feature inside SNYKZ is designed to fit the way people connect today. It’s simple, instead of text messaging in “tweet style” – we believe in short videos. Share your trading knowledge with the entire SNYKZ community with a short video.

What makes SNYKZ so unique? 

No one has a concept like us. 

SNYKZ has three properties:

SNYKZ it – Like it – Trade it 

SNYKZ it: Share your trading knowledge with a short SNYKZ video to our community

Like it: Be the best one and gain millions of new followers and show everybody that you are a star investor

Trade it: If you like an investor you can copy the portfolio with a single click. It has never been so easy to find the right stock or coin. All trades are backed by real data, so you can’t fake your successes.

What gaps in your competitors did you notice that influenced SNYKZ’s founding? 

If you are using TikTok and scrolling through all the billions of videos on the platform, have you noticed how many traders are on the road there? It feels like everyone is the new Warren Buffet at the moment! That is where the real problem begins.

As a former banker & product manager at a crypto wallet, I have seen a lot of people invest all their money just because someone said so, without looking into it or doing any research. Spending hours on how a stock might perform is simply no longer in keeping with the times. There must be an easier solution.

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We are building the solution here at SNYKZ.

Talk to us a bit more about the specific pros of having a community focus when it comes to investors and trading? 

Everything is about community, so why not trading? The best example is Reddit with their most famous group Wall Street Bets. For all their members it is hard to have the same portfolio. Everybody has a different trading app with different prices, stocks, and coins.

The community focus is the main part of Gen. Z. This generation is like no other before. They love gamification, challenges, and the community feeling and feedback. So, in a nutshell, everything must be social and cool. 

The pros:

  • No pump in dump or fake data: Every portfolio is backed by real trades
  • Share your knowledge with a short SNYKZ video
  • It is easier to find the right stock or coin
  • Don’t waste your time analysing and researching for hours & hours to evaluate a stock

What has been the biggest success story of SNYKZ so far? 

Whilst we are still in the development stage, we are proud to have already built a great community. We have collected a few thousand pre-subscribers within a short time, which confirms that SNYKZ’s offering will change the investment thesis for Millenial and Gen Z investors and traders.

How secure is SNYKZ as a platform? 

Extremely secure. We are using the latest technology to prove security. SNYKZ has two agreements in place with the best banking and broker APIs to provide our future users with the safest and best technology. 

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What would you say is your biggest motivator? 

There are many factors that motivate me, but my biggest right now would have to be a combination of our product and pre-subscribers. We have collected thousands of pre-subscribers in the U.S. and this helps to show everybody that SNYKZ will be the next big thing and disrupt the industry.

What do you think is the biggest misconception is about trading right now? 

Fake data & pump and dump. As I have mentioned there are a lot of scammers on the internet. Unfortunately, many people invest all their money because they believe in these people. People need a product like SNYKZ that is backed by real data and gives you in a short video the best tips and hints.

What do you think the future has in store for trading? Do you think the social angle SNYKZ has honed in on will become the norm? 

100% yes. Social trading is the next big thing. The pandemic created the perfect requirements for investing, and many people launched TikTok trading channels. But honestly, TikTok is the wrong place to talk about such a serious topic as trading and investing. It is easy to fake success and fool or scam other investors on TikTok. There must be another way. Many Gen-Z and Millennials have started to think about their financial future and exchange ideas with each other or look for very simple instructions and information on how and where to invest. 

Many existing retail trading apps do a good job, but consumers will increasingly look for new and better ways to invest.

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And finally, what do you hope the future will bring for yourself, and the business as a whole? 

From myself, I am looking forward to an awesome journey with my team because we have a lot of ideas about social trading that we want to implement at SNYKZ. We will be the game changer in this industry like Robinhood, Uber, or Revolut.

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